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We Trust, so We Live.

  I’m thinking about what trust is. Is it the dictionary definition – firm belief in the truth, reliability or belief in someone or something? Both are equally as important. Trust in people is what makes this world run and trust in concepts and ideals of love, humankind and God is what keeps our spirits alive. I find it ironic that we so blindly and unconsciously put our lives in the hands of others – every day, every moment without even realizing it. – Probably one of the ultimate forms of trust. Trusting the bus driver to safely transport us to our destination or trusting the pilot to navigate a safe take-off and landing. With our monetary affairs – the bank as an institution; and the people who work at it. How we close our eyes and call the ambulance or the police. Or how we willingly accept and trust the doctor’s advice, giving our hope and lives into her hands – the hands of healing and those of God. But why do we think so much when it comes to more conscious acts of trus
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Colour breathes joy and life into every creation, whether ancient or modern. Skin tones progress from palest white and dusky wheat to darkest ebony. In the words of Rupi Kaur – ‘It is a blessing to be The colour of the Earth How often must Flowers confuse me for Home.’ A prism splits light into all of its magnificence. Stained glass windows in high-ceilinged churches make light dance across the polished wooden floor. The sun sets over the horizon and plunges within cerulean seas and oceans. Left in its wake are splashes of colour; crimson, orange and golden, skipping across the waves, cruising along the blue surf. Inky stains bleed across the sky as twilight approaches. The advent of velvety indigo, purple and black symbolize them regaining their nightly territory and thus ensues a clash of colour- a real-life watercolour over the ocean. Night tiptoes stealthily and the crescent moon glides, her creamy gossamer gown trailing and dipping into the water. It has floate

When I Contemplate

The camera attempts to capture a moment- a fleeting second in the swirling whirlpools of time. It captures that moment and immortalizes it, framing it in eternity. Days may pass, years and even decades, but that picture will hang on the wall, making you travel back in time involuntarily. Suddenly, you will be thrust back in time and will feel as if you’re actually witnessing that moment all over again, like you did, all those years ago. It is, as if, no time has elapsed between then and now. Perhaps, that feeling is transient, but you cannot deny it.    The camera captures what the mind perceives, what the eye sees. It enables us to hold on to the image formed by the thousands of electric impulses that zoomed from the optic nerve to the brain at that second. But, more often than not, we associate many moments with an emotion. Looking at the vast, all-encompassing cerulean ocean or the towering trees in a forest, I feel an unexplainable calm and peace. I question my existence and w

Holiday Diaries #8: KANATAL!: The Night Trek

5 th May 2017 The projector’s light flickered and finally faded to a black as the last of the credits rolled out. All of us sitting in that tent, under tarpaulin rafters with the wind zooming outside were stunned into silence. I was speechless. Spellbound. Inspired. The window pane rattled noisily and the shutter rocked back and forth, flapping with the velocity of the wind. The silence was deafening. Out of nowhere, spontaneously, our entire group of campers portrayed their admiration and awe through thunderous applause. The film ‘Poorna’ had comprised of a simple story, a young Indian girl, from a poor, superstitious and conservative family, grappling with the loss of her elder sister, the only one whom she thought she could share all her fathomless secrets with. She had had immense talent and an inherent ability to climb rocks and mountains, but had never thought of the power and strength of her hands which; coupled with the encouragement of a certain ambitious government offic

Why Criticism Is Critical To Life

  Let’s start with how we perceive criticism.  It is our deep-rooted belief that critical opinions are directed towards us out of spite and jealously. A psychological effort to propel us downwards.  It is our strong and utmost conviction that criticism is just people finding faults unnecessarily, a try to push success away from our clutches and possession. This indeed is a most likely situation but does not apply to every single person who criticizes us! Lets all face and admit it- no person reading this has ever been genuinely elated about receiving a piece of criticism; be it a curt ‘Bad Handwriting’ note from our teacher, a reproval from our carping boss or a verbal attack on our art and passion. Outwardly, some of us might try to appear pleased, trying to convince ourselves that this critique will enhance our personality; but something minuscule gnaws away at our soul, a deep pierce of dejection.  It is human nature to crave praise and appreciation after performing the smallest

Holiday Diaries #7: Farewell Dubai!

Heading towards The Global Village, an iconic tourist destination in Dubai, the landscapes shifted drastically. Concrete and tar gave way to fine sand and pebbles and the bus gave an occasional bump as it rolled along the loose gravel and soil. Towering skyscrapers transformed to lower and older buildings. The true form of the desert by which Dubai is surrounded; began to manifest, shallow but endless piles of sand stretched into the distance. The sun was extending its brilliant rays onto the Earth when the bus whirred to a slow halt by the entrance of The Village. As the name suggests, this place of interest harbours and caters to several nationalities around the globe. When I entered the Village through its massive entrance, I was dazzled with awe. Miniatures of prominent monuments and buildings belonging to famed cities across the world loomed before the tourists, almost smiling as if by way of welcome and greeting. Chinese and Japanese traditional pavilions were silhouetted aga

Holiday Diaries #6: DUBAI! - Unforgettable Experiences

My mind was sparked with curiosity and excitement when I awoke the next morning. The reason, you ask? We were going to visit the world-famous Burj Khalifa; and the awe-inspiring, adjoining Dubai Museum! I had become quite accustomed to the metro service by now and had begun to feel like a frequent traveler myself. My train of thought was brought to quite an abrupt halt and change of track when I first caught sight of the magnificent tower of glass, steel, and luminescence that was the Burj. We stepped out onto the metro platform and as we walked along the seemingly endless conveyor belts that would transport us directly into the midst of the supreme Mall, we looked out of the glass panes that lined the station. We couldn’t see the spire’s very top despite craning our necks almost an 180 degrees! So tall was it, that it was quite a Herculean task to capture it even through a camera lens!                                                                         * The tower simpl